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Group Health and Dental

Human resource studies have shown that employees rank health and dental plans as a key component in overall employment satisfaction. A well structured plan can be utilized as a recruiting tool to attract quality employees and retain them. A benefits program is affordable, easy to manage, and can be tailored to meet the needs of independent Canadian businesses.

Giving your employees a benefits plan may be more valuable than giving your workers a raise in pay. Here's why: a simple salary increase is affected by a variety of payroll taxes and employee income taxes. In comparison, health and dental benefits are tax-free for employees (in all provinces except Quebec) and employer contributions are deductible as a business expense. Provincial sales tax is charged on the plan's premiums, but this tax is still less than the payroll taxes charged on salary, making a group benefits plan a tax-effective way to compensate your employees.

With access to all group insurance carriers, our employee benefits consultants will analyze your plan, conduct a market search, recommend ways to improve on your plan and implement cost containment strategies that can potentially reduce your premium cost.